Rental Production Setups Gallery

  • Marketing Event with: Two 70" monitors, video switching, four speaker sound system, Leko stage lighting and 10 LED uplights with small truss ups.
  • 2 speaker sound system, clear lectern and 6 LED up lights for an event at the museum of art.
  • 2 Speaker sound system, 3k projector and 8 ft. tripod screen with carpeted lectern for local YMCA.
  • Large screen, high lumen projector, 6 speaker sound system, 10 LED uplights for a local charity event.
  • Business conference at local country club. Two 8X14 screens, two 5000 lumen projectors with video switching and 4 speaker sound system.
  • Large University recruitment event. Two 8X14' screens, two 8500 lumen projectors and a six speaker sound system.
  • Dedication of a local University football practice facility. 4 speaker sound system, podium and press/mult box.