August 15, 2015

Rental FAQ

FAQ and questions about how the rental system works at Holt.

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Does Holt AV offer delivery and pick up?

Yes we do! For an additional fee, a Holt AV delivery tech will deliver and pick up your rentals so you won’t have to worry about late fees.

Please provide accurate event start, end, and delivery and pickup times so that we can be sure that our delivery and pickup times will be accurate and convenient for you and your event.

Delivery, setup and tear down rates are below (minimum of 1 hour).

AV Technician rates  Cost per hour
Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM $80.00
Monday-Thursday 5:00 PM – 12:00 AM $90.00 (4 hour minimum)
All other times except holidays $90.00 (4 hour minimum)
Holidays $90.00 (4 hour minimum)

Holt AV’s equipment rental department is also available to operate rented equipment.

When do I need to return my rental items?

Please return all items no later than 5:00pm that same business day due that is listed on your invoice if you are personally returning the rental items to our office. Please see the “Late Fee” FAQ topic for more info.

How does pricing work with your rentals?

Pricing listed is per item / per day.

For example: One Hitachi 3000 lumen projector: price per day = $125.

The total for 3 days of rental for the projector would be $375 (3 days X $125.00)

Holt AV’s equipment rental department is also available to deliver, set up, tear down and/or operate rented equipment. Rates below:

AV Technician rates  Cost per hour
Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM $80.00
Monday-Thursday 5:00 PM – 12:00 AM $90.00 (4 hour minimum)
All other times except holidays $90.00 (4 hour minimum)
Holidays $90.00 (4 hour minimum)


Please let us know which services you will be needing and for how long.

Note: For larger and more complex rentals 2 – 4 technicians may be needed to set, operate or tear down your equipment.

Where can I pick up and drop off my rental items?

You can pick up / drop off your rental items at our home office warehouse at:

401 28th Street South in downtown Birmingham, AL.

If you call ahead we can have your rental order ready to load when you arrive. One of our associates will be happy to help you load / unload your items when you arrive.

Note: please return your items during normal business hours (7am – 5pm Mon-Fri)

How much is the late fee?

Late fees are charged per item / per day and continue to accrue until the item is returned.

ie. an item turned in after 5pm or later would have an additional day of rental charged.

We are usually happy to work with you if you need extended time on your rental. But, please be aware that your rented item may already be reserved by another customer the day after you return it. If this happens, please contact our rental department ASAP to make sure your item is not needed for the next customer.

What if something gets broken?

Please be respectful and gentle with our rental equipment. Most are made to handle some stress but remember they are delicate electronic equipment. So PLEASE:

  • do not leave equipment in the rain or other environmentally hazardous areas
  • do not drop or throw equipment on to hard surfaces
  • do not put undue stress on cables and connectors (use a longer cable!)
  • do not scratch or make any permanent markings on our equipment (masking tape is great for this!)
  • do inventory and return all cables, chargers, adapters and pieces to proper cases provided
  • do break down / fold up stands, frames and screens as neatly as possible to prevent damage
  • do roll up cables to the best of you ability and keep each cable rolled separate with the velcro tie so we can inventory your return more quickly.

If your rental item(s) get damaged are stolen or get broken, please contact our office ASAP.

If this does happen, unfortunately, we have to charge you the cost of the repair or the fair value of the cost to replace the piece(s) of equipment that were damaged or lost. The items will be charged to your credit card or account as per your rental agreement.

Will someone help me set all this up?

We know that some audio and video setups can be a little confusing so, for an additional fee, an experienced Holt AV Tech can: come out (or deliver) and set up, test and walk you through using your rental items or even demo / walk-through audio visual equipment installed by other companies (some exclusions apply, please contact us for details). Or drop by our office for a free demo and setup instructions (for Holt AV rental items only). Our goal is for you to have the most fun and ease of use out of our equipment possible!

For pricing for delivery and technical services see our Support page and for Rental Pricing List visit our Rental Shop.

Can someone stay for my event and make sure things run smoothly?

Yes! For an additional fee, a Holt AV Tech can be hired to run your sound, video and / or lighting for your full event time! That way the pressure is off and you look like a hero to your boss / group / event goers. We take care of every last detail and make sure that your event looks and sounds great.

Some Legal Stuff

  • Prices listed are per day and are subject to change without notice.
  • Ownership of equipment will at all times remain with Holt HV / Video.
  • Equipment is guaranteed to be fully operational upon delivery to customer.
  • All bulbs and batteries must be returned with equipment regardless of condition. Items not returned will be billed accordingly to the customer.
  • Equipment not returned within 10 days of the rental due date will be presumed lost and will be billed accordingly (see “How much is the late fee?”).
  • Equipment problems must be reported immediately. Holt AV / Video will not be responsible for problems that are reported after termination of rental.