Holt AV now offering HD streaming

live streaming

We are happy to announce that Holt AV is now offering high definition (HD) capture and streaming services for your next event!

live streaming


Holt AV has been installing streaming solutions for our corporate customers for years using high quality cameras and hardware from our exclusive vendors in board rooms, conference rooms and auditoriums across the southeast and as a result these companies have increased efficiency in their corporate communications.


What Holt AV can do

We can now bring this service to your next meeting in a “pay-per-use” or rental capacity in order to reach those customers or employees that couldn’t attend your event.

This can involve any combination of the following:watching live streaming

  • Simple one camera shoot (ie. camera tight on the speaker) with little to no movement
  • Two or three camera shoot with full production and switching (ie. panning, wide angles, alternate views, side or handheld views)
  • Screen capture (ie. live slide shows or pre-produced video within the stream). (Note: copyright issues may be involved with pre-produced video and other copyright materials)

You could also use streaming as an “add-on” service for an event that already has live video switching so that remote viewers unable to attend can see and participate.


What is involved?

Many factors go into a successful live video and streaming production including:

  • venue size and type
  • time of day
  • lighting
  • streaming and video gear needed
  • permissions and copyright
  • backgrounds, set design
  • network or internet bandwidth at the venue
  • type of streaming service and where it is being streamed (ie. public, private, secured)
  • crew needed

We would love to chat with you about some of these issues to create a customized package in that fits your event and venue. Please contact us with any questions or for a quick consultation about how Holt AV can meet your streaming needs!