Installation wireBuying technology is easy. Getting it all to work together can be a little more challenging. The good news is, Holt AV can help!

Our installation technicians are industry certified and have decades of experience in designing, installing, and supporting installed AV solutions that meet a variety of presentation and productivity needs.

We have a team of engineers that will work you individually to develop systems that are uniquely tailored to provide the best presentation environment. Holt AV prides itself on its hands-on approach and a focus on quality customer service. Our integrated systems can be customized to fit any level of need. We can install simple, single projector conference rooms to multi-function auditoriums.
Holt AV’s audio / video engineers are also skilled at designing and installing public address systems, video distribution networks, video conferencing room, classroom AV systems, and automated control systems. Our most advanced systems can even be controlled from multiple locations. State of the art hardware and software allows our engineers to design systems that can be remotely controlled through a wireless touch panel interface, across a network and the internet. Technicians can monitor conference rooms, check maintenance schedules, and turn on equipment from their desks in the next room, next floor, or even the next building.

Hitachi installation partnerThrough exclusive partnerships with name brand equipment manufacturers like Sony, Hitachi, Samsung, and Extron Electronics, Holt AV is able to deliver the absolute best AV systems available in the market today.

Please leave us a message and contact information and one of our AV installation consultants would be happy to contact you about your next audio, video or visual installation!